Years ago, the businesses in Toronto and Greater Toronto Area (GTA) were suffering. With the outbreak of SARS and various epidemic scares, people weren’t going out to eat at restaurants as often. To help simulate the economy and encourage patrons to come out again, the culinary event called Summerlicious (the summer event) and Winterlicious (winter event) was created.


Multiple restaurants take part in this event by offering a 3-course, fixed-price menu. Often, these set menus are a good deal because you would be paying a fraction of the price for what you would normally pay on a regular basis. Although I can’t say that the deals are as great as they used to be (some try to actually charge you more than what you would pay getting the items separately off their normal menu), it’s great exposure for restaurants you may have never heard of before or for trying things you normally wouldn’t see at a typical restaurant.  The first event was so successful that it just became an annual celebration.


Over the course of the years, I have participated in this event more times than I can count. One year was at Bosk, another year was at the restaurant called Signs (the American Sign Language restaurant) and then there was Canoe, a Canadian restaurant that is always sold out during this event. I was fortunate enough to get a booking and it’s also why I have these photos of their simple, yet delicious and beautifully plated dishes.


Although Winterlicious hasn’t officially started yet, I thought I would give you a taste (pun intended) for what’s to come. The booklets have started to come out and the website is ready for Winterlicious 2017 and I intend on being a participant. 🙂



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