The Beautiful and Magnificant Dragon Fruit

Now that the holidays are over, the once silent gyms of December are now being taken over like a battlefield. That food baby has got to go! New years resolutions need to be fulfilled! And while I am a support of living an active and healthy lifestyle, I think food is just as important. No more daily binges of cookies, sweets and meals that could feed an army. It’s time to get back into routine! Thus I present, the dragon fruit – a healthy choice.

This beautiful, wild looking bud is the fruit of a cactus, those prickly plants of the desert. Despite it’s name, it’s a harmless colourful fruit. Cutting it open reveals a greyish flesh with black, seeds similar to those of a kiwi. Although dragon fruit has a big name, the fruit only has a mild floral taste to the flesh and is quite bland. It is slightly crunchy because of the black seeds and the “meat” has a bit of a bite to it even though it’s soft.

You can prepare the fruit by slicing it in half, scooping out the inner flesh and cutting it into cubes as shown below. The most common dragon fruits have greyish-white insides, but it can also come in yellow or pink.

These can be eaten on their own, in a salad or blended into a fruit shake. I know how much people love their smoothies and shakes these days! 🙂




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