Sushi on a Conveyor Belt

Sushi is served in a variety of ways –  on boats, bento boxes or in the form of a buffet. However, have you ever come across sushi on a conveyor belt?

A conveyor belt-style sushi restaurant in San Francisco

The first time I came across one of these was during a visit to Hong Kong. Although it may be intimidating for a first timer, the concept is quite simple.


As the plates of sushi pass by, when one entices you, pick it up, remove the lid and eat. When you’re done, just put the plate to the side and stack them on top of each other as you go.

Sample pricing chart – Don’t worry, it’s in Hong Kong dollars

Normally, a sushi chef (or several) is standing in the center of the conveyor belt preparing the dishes and placing it on the belt. When one dish is running low, they make a fresh batch. If you don’t see something on the belt that you would like, you can make a request to the chef to see if they can prepare it for you. There are some things they don’t put on the belt because it’s either really expensive (so it’s rare that people order it) and/or the taste is depending on the freshness, like anglerfish paté aka monkfish.


The price of each dish is based on the colour of the plate. It is colour-coded (see the picture above with chart sample), so when you’re done the waiter can easily see what you ate and tabulate your bill. It’s a fun experience and you get to see the chefs in action. Plus, you can guarantee on the freshness of the sushi because it’s made right in front of your eyes and it’s so yummy!


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  1. Aren’t sushi trains the best 😀?!

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    1. Rini says:

      Wooot! Wooot! Lol

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  2. All the ame says:

    I’ve seen just one sushi train and it definitely wasn’t fresh- it was food poisoning waiting to happen! The kitchen was behind a wall and the plates were the same ones made hours ago, yuck. Needless to say we didn’t eat there! I’d love to go to one like this where you can see the food being prepared in front of you, it’s a great way to discover sushi you haven’t tried before and would be so interested to watch the chefs at work ^_^

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    1. Rini says:

      That’s horrible. I guess I have been fortunate because all my experiences have been good. Best of luck searching for one and hopefully your first experience is a good one! And thanks for dropping by! 🙂

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