A Fish Snack – Threadfin Breams

Beef jerky? Yes. Camel jerky? Yes. Bison jerky? Also yes. Fish snack? What? This is not to say I haven’t ever come across fish jerky before, but coming across something called a “fish snack”? This is definitely not the typical goldfish crackers you find at the store.

It came in a long package and equally as long were the pieces of evenly cut up (most likely by machine) strips of “fish snack”. They were an orangey colour and felt somewhat like dried up fruit.

The ingredients say it’s made of 80% threadfin breams (the fish), wheat flour, spicy seasoning, egg white and soy sauce. That’s not bad, considering it’s a prepackaged item. Trying one of the strips, it has a light spicy flavour to it and lots of fishiness (makes sense, its called a fish snack afterall). It’s softer than actual jerky, possessing a hard yet spongey texture. I assumed it was just something you eat on its own, but apparently what also caught my eye was the recipe on the package.

Golden chicken balls? These look like amazing little appetizers that are easy to make. Something I will have to put on my to-make list! 🙂


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