Yukgaejang – A Spicy Soup

It’s another bitter cold weekend, the type where just looking out the window is enough to make your teeth chatter. The best to warm up, other than sitting by a nice fireplace with a hot cup of cocoa? Hot soup! This time, it’s a Korean soup called yukgaejang, which is a spicy soup that comes simmering to your table in a clay pot.

Piping hot yukgaejang

Yugaejang is filled with shredded pieces of beef along with glass noodles, mushrooms, scallions, fernbrake/bracken fiddleheads (aka gosari in Korean, a wild edible plant), bean sprouts and sometimes an egg to top it off. It is accompanied by a traditional metal bowl of rice which you can eat separately or mix with the soup. The broth seemed simple in comparison to some other Korean dishes, like kimchi jiggae or gamjatang. Personally, I find it was very strong in garlic  and gochugaru (Korean red chili pepper flakes) flavours and lacking in complexity, but that could just be me!

Pieces from the Yukgaejang

Although I can’t say I love this dish, being a piping hot bowl of soup with nutritious ingredients did warm me up. It helped that there was plenty of banchan with the dish. Gotta love banchan! Stay warm, my friends!


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