Dessert Heaven – The Niagara Icewine Gala

For anyone with a sweet tooth, the Niagara Icewine Gala would’ve seemed like a dream come true. There were more desserts than one could count! Even though they had some fancier versions of the standard desserts, there were a few interesting and unique ones I came across that I’d like to highlight. The first one is the foie gras paté with cotton candy.

Yes, it was a strange combination to me too, but it was there. First, they placed some strange, hard, butter-like textured foie gras on a stick. Then, they spun the cotton candy around it. I can’t really say it enhanced the flavours because I was a little grossed out by the combination – it was interesting, but I can’t say it was a favourite.

The second dessert that was intriguing was the sweet, soft, lemon flavoured ducks. These stood out for several reasons – 1) they’re so cute in comparison to all the fancy looking desserts. 2) they placed the ducks on a neat little railway train, so they spun around in circles.

It was a very adorable display and the ducks had a very refreshing flavour. Although children weren’t allowed at this event, I’m sure it brought out the kid in many of us.

The third one was the liquid nitrogen popcorn. Although I don’t have a picture of this, just envision a single kernel of popped popcorn, placing it into your mouth, and being able to blow smoke from it. It created this slightly cold sensation and it was ever so light, as if it wasn’t even there. It was quite neat to try, though I can’t say where you would be able to find it to try for yourself!

The fourth one just looks visually intriguing. I have no clue what it is because I didn’t get a chance to try it. I can only assume it is some sort of tart with a fruity filling (perhaps strawberry?) with some edible silver foil on top.


The next one isn’t unique in the realm of desserts, but these macaroons are different because they have shiny outer shells. They were oddly fascinating to look at since they resembled marble and the effects of the light in the room made them gleam (though the pictures don’t do it justice!).

The next several pictures are just for your interest, in case you wanted to see what other desserts were offered at the gala. I didn’t get to try a majority of them, but I can only assume they tasted delicious like many of the appetizers and hor d’oeuvres they served that night.

I believe these ones are similar to mini éclairs.

Something dipped in a chocolate coating. Perhaps marshmallows?

This looks like some sort of matcha green tea cake. I really wish I tried this one. It looks so moist and delicious.

I’m going to guess these were custard tarts with strawberries and shavings of white chocolate.

These were rich, little chocolates with a beautiful sky blue hue.

Hope you enjoyed the dessert portion! Anybody craving dessert? 🙂


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