Ice Luges and Shooter Blocks

An intricately carved ice sculpture

Ice sculptures are interesting. One day, someone just randomly decided “hmmm….I’m going to take this block of ice and shape it into something cool”. I know, that sounds very random but just stick with me. I’m going somewhere with this!

Ice sculpture of a hare

Down the road, someone else decided to go further with ice sculpting and created something called an ice luge or shooter block. The first time I came across one of these was at a wedding several years ago. Like a cartoon character, I could see question marks popping up all around me as I looked at the neat vessel with intrigue. I wish I had a picture of the shooter block I encountered several years ago, but fortunately I found one at the Niagara Icewine Gala. It’s only fitting, seeing as it is made of ice. 🙂

An ice luge

Simply put, ice luges and shooter blocks are made specifically for drinks to glide through the ice block. The outer layer can be carved with various designs, ranging from simple to intricate. For the inner tunnel, a drill can be used to create a hole in the ice and it can additionally have a tube run through it. Drinks are normally poured from the top so that it slides down on an angle to the bottom opening. Other than creating a cool (pun intended) spectacle, an ice luge/shooter block helps make drinks a bit colder. For icewine, a rubber tube was most likely used so that the dessert wine wouldn’t dilute.

Icewine pouring from an ice luge

Interestingly enough, some use ice luges for drinking games. When I went to that wedding several years ago, vodka was poured into the hole made straight out of ice. Although it ended up melting fast (it was a summer wedding, after all), you can imagine how much fun the guests had with it while it lasted. Until next time. 🙂


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