Dim Sum Series: Mango “Boudine”

Dim sum is always a fun outing to look forward to. There’s always variety on the menu (or carts that are toted around by the staff) and the little bite-sized morsels are delicious! However, when you’re almost full of all the meats, veggies and offerings, you need to leave room for dessert. There’s an array of desserts offered, but today’s feature is mango pudding (also known as mango “boudine” in Cantonese). Although this doesn’t look very Chinese, I’m going to suspect it’s from the influence of the British colonization in Hong Kong that led to this popular dessert on dim sum menus around the world.

Unlike the controversial chicken feet dish that scares away many, mango boudine is a dessert that many people enjoy. It’s made with gelatin, mango and sugar and is covered in evaporated milk. It’s soft, it’s smooth and it’s full of mango flavours. I’m not sure why, but it frequently comes in this universal heart shape design at dim sum restaurants. However, I have also seen bigger versions (the size of big platters) in the shape of fish at weddings before, though that’s because fish is a symbol of luck and fortune in many Asian cultures. Enjoy!

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