A “Neo” Panna Cotta 

Panna cotta is a cool, Italian dessert made with cream, egg whites, gelatin and sugar. It translates as “cooked cream”, which explains why this custard is creamy, smooth and silky. It is traditionally served with fruits, caramel or syrups. I don’t have it often, but I found an interesting version recently at a dessert joint which I am calling the “neo” version of panna cotta.

For those who have had panna cotta before, I’m sure they’re asking how this picture is related. Well, it’s actually at the bottom of this bowl. This fusion version had an interesting mix of durian fruit with panna cotta and was topped with Cheerios, black sesame ice cream and an Oreo cookie. While the creamy durian mixed well with the panna cotta, the black sesame ice cream seemed a bit out of place. It just seemed too “rough” for such a delicate dessert. The Cheerios gave it a nice and crunchy texture, which was needed in an otherwise super soft, mushy dessert. However, the flavour seemed overpower it. Perhaps some chopped nuts instead? And the Oreo cookie? Well, let’s just say that Oreo cookies are versatile and the chocolatey goodness blended in just nicely! Although this isn’t a traditional way of serving panna cotta, I must say it was creative. 🙂


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