E-fu Noodles (Yee Mein)

Although we’re still a bit away from National Noodle Month (March!), I can’t help but share my love for noodles every now and then. Like Bubba from Forest Gump who can ramble on and on about his love for shrimp, mine would be about noodles(!) because you can do so much with them – boil them, stir fry them, sautée them. There’s shrimp noodles, ramen noodles, udon noodles, chow mein noodles, ho fun noodles…Then there’s noodles with chicken, noodles with beef, noodles with pork, noodles with dumplings, noodle soup, noodle salad and even noodle burgers! However, one of my top noodle dishes is made with a type called E-Fu Noodles which is also known as Yee Mein.


It has an interestingly soft, yet bouncy texture that is somewhat spongy. They have a yellowish hue to them and if they’re not prepared properly, they can be really oily. However, they’re great to use for noodle soups or even stir fries because they soak up flavours well. They come in these big, circular disks in the refrigerator at Asian grocery stores like in the photo below.

It’s tempting to poke at it, but it’s pretty fragile. The last thing you want to do is shorten the noodles, which symbolically (and according to superstitution) is the longevity of your life! This may also explain why these noodles are often present for birthday celebrations or weddings – to hope for longevity in life and marriage!


However, you don’t need to wait for an occasion to try these noodles. Many restaurants and Chinese fast food joints have efu noodles on their menu. The one I had recently had zucchini, char siu, shrimp, carrots, imitation crab meat and squid. Yum!


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    1. Rini says:

      Thanks Bea! 🙂


  1. Never tried these ones, but I’ll take any noodle dish without hesitation. Lovely mix you have there! 🙂

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    1. Rini says:

      Thanks Ronit! 🙂

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  2. annika says:

    Interesting… as usual!

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    1. Rini says:

      Thank you 🙂


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