Churrasco Chicken and Piri Piri

Mmm…grilled meat. With the exception of our vegan and vegetarian friends, who doesn’t enjoy a nicely grilled steak, chicken or sausage? The Spanish/Portuguese have dubbed their version of grilled meat as Churrasco, which are found in churrasqueira restaurants. For their version of the flame grilled chicken, it is marinated in salty seasonings. Recipes differ from place to place and home to home, but many contain herbs, spices, garlic and lemon which gives it some freshness and acidity.



In addition to the savoury and tender meats of churrasco chicken, churrasqueira’s offer Peri Peri sauce to accompany the dish. In fact, mixing the grilled meats with Peri Peri sauce is a bit of a fusion because Peri Peri is actually an African marinade made with the African Bird’s Eye Chili. Although many places tend to offer a range of flavours and spice levels (mild to super-suicide-I’m-on-fire-hot) to go with the meat, it can also pair well with side dishes like rice, fries, etc. It’s a delicious meal and definitely better than eating a cold and boring sandwich. 🙂


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