Polvoron – Filipino Style Shortbread

I love shortbread. It’s such a simple treat that only requires a handful of common ingredients that can be found in most homes – butter, sugar, flour and salt. So, when a colleague of mine asked me if I have ever tried the Filipino Style Shortbread called Polvoron, she had my full attention.

Since the Philippines was once colonized by the Spanish, there are many language and cultural similarities. For Polvoron, the word is derived from the Spanish word “polvo”, which means powder. This makes sense, given that one of the ingredients used is powdered milk. However, the packaging also indicates that it uses wheat flour, cane sugar, vegetable shortening, milk fat and sweet whey powder.

Polvoron can come in a variety of flavours like ube, coffee and peanut, but my coworker let me try Pinipig. When I bit into it, I was amazed at the textures and flavours.

It was creamy, it was powdery and it just melted in my mouth. It was sweet, but not overly sweet. It was a good shortbread! And the kicker for this particular flavour? Puffed rice (aka Rice Crispies). Wow! That’s what Pinipig is and it gave this crispy crunch texture to the shortbread. Polvoron comes individually wrapped in small little packages, so they’re easy to bring around. My Filipino friends tell me it is sold in Canada, so I’ll be sure to look out for them! 🙂


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