One Year Anniversary – Made It!

Today is officially the one year anniversary of Yes! All Roads Lead to Food.  

I have surpassed my goal of getting 100 followers well before a year (thanks to you guys!) and connected with some awesome fellow bloggers along the way. I also made it a goal to blog for 365 days straight because I know it takes time to acquire a habit. Despite working 50-60 hour weeks at times, going to school and travelling throughout the year, I managed to successfully accomplish this!

Things I learned along the way:

  • It’s difficult to maintain a daily blog
  • Never think that a potential photo opportunity is useless because a good story related to it may come to you down the road
  • You can never really predict the outcome of your post, so write to your heart’s content!
  • Either I’m really technologically challenged or WordPress is a super glitchy platform (computer versions don’t always sync properly with the phone and visa versa)
  • As much as I would like to share recipes, I really hate writing them so I honestly admire you guys for doing the great job that you do!

Other than to commemorate the one year anniversary of this blog, I’m also announcing that I will be slowing down. While I am not exactly ending my gastronomic journey, I made a big decision to take time away from my job to study abroad and travel the world. While this won’t be taking place until later on in the year, I have a lot of planning to do and I need to focus on that. It does sadden me that I’m not able to blog as much, but it also means I will make new discoveries along the way and will be able to share it with you down the road. For now, I’ll post periodically. Until next time… Happy blogging, my friends! 🙂


15 thoughts on “One Year Anniversary – Made It!

  1. annika says:

    Happy Anniversary!! Yours has been one of the ones I enjoy the most in this community. I am saddened to see that I will be seeing less from you but wish you all the best in your other endeavors!

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