Bayou Gator with Shrimp Po’Boy

I ate alligator. It tastes like chicken, they said. It looks like chicken, they said. Not that it would scare me to eat an alligator, but my take?

Bayou Gator with Shrimp Po’Boy

It literally does look and taste like chicken. The meat seems to be similar to dark meat and it’s a lot tougher than chicken. Oddly, I found that there was some light fishiness to it. I guess you are what you eat?

Gator, anyone?

It’s a southern style influenced dish and I thought it was pretty good. Apparently alligator can come in three types of meat:

  • Tender, white, veal-like tail meat
  • Pinkish body meat (stronger flavours and tougher texture)
  • Dark tail meat (super tough and only good for braising)

The gator I had was battered and mixed with spices and shrimp, so it was crispy and placed into a French baguette – Po’Boy style. Given the toughness of the meat, I’m going to assume it was the “pinkish body meat”. It also came with a bucket of French fries and a side of spicy mayo sauce, which helped enhance the flavours.

Years ago, I discovered a Louisiana restaurant that sold alligator but they never actually had any in stock. When I discovered it at this restaurant, I was happy to order it and be able to finally check it off my bucket list of foods to try! But (!) I would order it again, too. πŸ™‚


17 thoughts on “Bayou Gator with Shrimp Po’Boy

  1. Plectrumm says:

    “Reptile” proteins are all very similar to what you’ve described here! Being a “Southerner” I’ve tried them all. Frog legs are my favorite, especially when they’re fresh. Gator, turtle, snake, and frogs all have their space in our cuisine 😎

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  2. Rose says:

    You’re brave to try alligator. Was it expensive? I’m not sure if I would be willing to try it… At first thought it looked like chicken to me. It still looks like chicken haha.

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    • Rini says:

      It wasn’t badly priced, surprisingly! And yup, same here. If they didn’t list it as alligator, I wouldn’t have known otherwise but the texture is definitely different and taste. Give it a try. Don’t worry. It won’t bite. πŸ˜‰ lol

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